Day 21

I’ve noticed on today there are a lot of posts relating to Christianity. It’s probably worth mentioning at this juncture that I am a Christian.

I may not seem like one, based on some of the language I use and some of the things I have already admitted to, but I am. I am a baptized, Bible believing, Church attending, Jesus loving Christian.

I am also addicted to pornography, look upon most moderately attractive women with lust in my heart and have wasted hours upon hours of my life pathetically scouring the Internet for nubiles, redheads and lesbians.

So I understand why so many Christians are turning to r/NoFap.

Being a Christian who is addicted to porn is hard. I honestly don’t feel like I could talk to anybody I know about my problems because it’s such a taboo in Christian circles. My friends are all great, but the stigma attached to porn addiction is too great for me to overcome. Christians can be pretty insensitive when it comes to sexual sin, too. It’s like we all admit that none of us are perfect, but our biggest problem is that we gossip or sometimes walk past a homeless person without making eye-contact with them. Very few Christians actually say: “I’m not perfect; I’m a pervert!”

So I understand why so many of us are turning to r/NoFap.

The fapstronaut community is understanding, forgiving and supportive. There happen to be some great Christians on there coming out of the woodwork. There also happen to be some great atheists on there, and for the first time on the internet in my experience, both groups are incredibly respectful towards one another. It’s like the best thing porn has done is given 29,000 people with usually antagonistic views of each other a reason to come together and support one another.

So to all you Christians out there who are struggling, know that you are not alone. Come over to NoFap on Reddit and you will find support, understanding and hope. And to all you atheists who help to make NoFap such a great example of humanity coming together, thank you.

I believe God is at work in a big way on NoFap at the moment, and I’m sure the atheists are thinking “we should all give ourselves some credit for being good people” — I reckon we’ve both got a good point.