Day 41

I wrote this on r/nofap yesterday, and I wanted to post it here to keep a record of it:

I read in the paper this morning about a subreddit dedicated to creepy candid shots of women.

I checked it out, to see if the paper’s version of creepy was as creepy as I have been in the past. It was. I saw images a lot like the surreptitious ones I used to take with my cell phone camera. I actually developed a couple of pretty slick techniques for capturing these sorts of images…

I shouldn’t have looked, really, given that it so closely aligns with my own triggers, but I clicked on a few images anyway. I’m happy to report though that I did not relapse as a result. No touching, no full on boner, and no sticking around for any significant length of time. I actually just felt a bit sad for the fact that this subreddit exists and that if I had found it 6 months ago I probably would be contributing to it regularly.

Now I just feel a bit disgusted by the whole thing, which is fantastic from my perspective.


Looking back on that from yesterday, I’m really pleased with how things are developing at the moment. Porn really doesn’t have the same pull at the moment that it used to.

I’m sure there will be really tough days ahead, but every day has been feeling easier recently.